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At MGM, we understand that image is important, and we’re there for you every step

of the way.  When it comes to maintenance, we offer just about everything imaginable for the commercial property owner so you don’t need to deal with 10 different companies to service your every need.  So relax, we’re here for you and if we can’t do it, we deal directly with the people who you don’t have to. We offer customized maintenance schedules so your property gets the attention it deserves, without breaking the bank.

Specialized Powerwashing Services

As a property owner, it’s important to take good care of what you’ve spent your hard earned money on.  As you can see from the pictures, even everyday dirt and grime can be hard to detect, until it’s freshly cleaned.  These photos were taken after using only heated water, no chemicals or de-greasing agents were present and often don’t need to be.  From just simple everyday dirt, to molded-on gum stains, we’ve been hard pressed to meet our match.  So get on a program today, and see the beauty of your investment shine, and make it last!

Worry-Free Snow & Ice Management

When it comes down to it, no one wants to deal with the potential disaster that snow & ice can cause.  Well, once again we suggest you do one thing...relax.  MGM is fully equipped to handle mother nature at her best, while of course keeping a strict budget in mind.  Hours upon hours are spent formulating a careful plan of attack specific to each event, making sure our timing is accurate, and your sites are secure.  Prior to, during, and after any snow storm, we’re working 24/7 monitoring radar and temperatures to ensure your lots and walks are safe for travel at all times. With MGM on the job, your customers, employees & tenants can feel totally confident when pulling into your place of business, and safely getting where they need to go. 

Landscape Maintenance programs begin with the basics of course, and can be tailored to each individual site based on turf conditions, planting beds, site traffic and of course last, but not least...your budget.  A basic commercial maintenance package would typically include the following:

  1.     Weekly turf mowing, string trimming, mechanically edging all walks & removal of all clippings & debris

  2.     Weekly landscape bed & site inspections - Weeding, debris & garbage control throughout the property

  3.     Bed Weed Control  Apps - Site beds are typically treated with (3) pre & post-emergence apps to aid in weed prevention

  4.     Complete Turf Fertilizer Program - Includes all crabgrass, weed & surface insect controls, and all necessary feedings

  5.     Annual pruning of all shrubs, trees & perennials - helps maintain health and natural form of plant life

  6.     Annual mulching - All beds are re-cut and shaped to a natural form @ 3” deep to sustain a neat appearance

  7.     Seasonal Cleanups - All leaves, sticks & debris are removed from site as needed, & more frequent in the autumn months

  8.     Planned Additional Site Visits - Set up according to tenant base, and the requirement for additional debris control

  9.     Sprinkler System Management - Seasonal Startup & Shutdown Service; Head replacement, adjustments & repairs

Some Additional Services...

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